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Internet Services


CSS will get you connected and running in no time! We have a vast amount of experiance setting up internet services and making sure your business has the right gagets in place to remain connected effectivly. Wether its cross boarder intranet services, local intranet or just the basic home or office setup - we have done it! 


Let us setup your connections and manage your buisnesses connectivity, we know it can be frustriating, but with our help - we will make sure its a walk in the park by handling all your internet needs.


Whatever the speed, distance, connection type or size of buisness - we can do it!

What can we do for you?

We will help you setup your internet connect and manage all your internet services. Here is a what we can do for you:

1. Get you connected - wether you need ADSL, Fiber, Satalite, wired or wireless internet and networks. 

2. Secure your connections via VPN, anti-virus, firewall and other means. 

3. Domain Registrations, Hosting and Website Hosting.

4. Mail registration, mail setup and mail management.

5. Linux and Microsoft based servers.


Please contact us for more information regarding your internet query if it is not listed.

We work with the best providers in the industry to bring you the latest internet solutions.


  • ADSL services

  • BDSL services

  • Ethernet Links

  • Fibre Links

  • Wireless point-to-point links

  • 3G and 4G mobile connections

  • High speed links 

  • Company cross boarder connections

  • Worldwide linking

  • Intranet connections

  • Home or office connections

  • Smart device connection

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